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MADD Virgin Brut
Our Price:$11.99

MADD Virgin Brut is a product you will be proud to serve or gift on any occasion. Presented with a traditional “Cork & Cage” closure**, serve ice cold in a classic champagne flute. Outstanding as an Aperitif, with a light dinner, desserts, cheese, orange juice for breakfast or brunch, and one of our favourites, chocolate !!!

And remember, there’s no need to wait for a Special Occasion, every single day is an occasion to be celebrated with those you care for. Cheers !

Counting calories...our Virgin Brut is about 1/3 the calories of Champagne.

** Please be careful, the contents are under pressure. Chill well before opening and make sure you point the bottle away from everyone when you pop the cork.

750 ml (26 fl oz) Bottle